23 weeks and 2 days

The main theme of this blog will hopefully one day be about running; a true passion of mine that is on hold while I wait for the birth of my second child.  Of course there are other things I will throw in, just to make this blog mine.  I am also into Star Wars so once in a while I’ll throw in a book or movie review.  Then there’s this band I like, Hanson.  I will review their new album next month and the concert I attend as well.  My final passion is sports.  The New York Knicks are still alive in the play-offs, but I will admit that will probably end tonight.  Expect variety!

I’ll start today with the walking I did.  I got up and walked 20 minutes before breakfast.  I love to get up and have some time to myself before getting ready for work and getting my son ready for pre-school.  This was followed by another 20 minute walk during my lunch break at work.  The only time today it rained and I had to alter my usual route so I was under cover of trees most of the time.  Then this evening I got out again for a 40 minute walk.

I’m walking for two reasons.  First of all and mainly because walking is a good way to stay in shape for running.  With this pregnancy I just have not been able to run.  Very uncomfortable and I have not felt very well at all.  Very different from my first pregnancy, which is why even though I did not find out the sex, I am convinced this child is a girl.  The other reason is that the office I work in holds a step challenge every summer.  Last year I blew their goal of 10,000 steps per day out of the water and averaged 24,000.  This year I may struggle to get 10,000.  On some days I doubt I’ll get that.  The competition starts next week and I will keep this blog updated with my daily step count.

So that’s today’s post, see you tomorrow!


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