Contest has begun

The stepping contest has gone better than expected. Three days complete and at least 2,000 steps over the goal of 10,000 each of those days. This despite me not feeling very well. I get tired and cramped on walks, but I am determined not to fall completely out of shape.


23 weeks and 2 days

The main theme of this blog will hopefully one day be about running; a true passion of mine that is on hold while I wait for the birth of my second child.  Of course there are other things I will throw in, just to make this blog mine.  I am also into Star Wars so once in a while I’ll throw in a book or movie review.  Then there’s this band I like, Hanson.  I will review their new album next month and the concert I attend as well.  My final passion is sports.  The New York Knicks are still alive in the play-offs, but I will admit that will probably end tonight.  Expect variety!

I’ll start today with the walking I did.  I got up and walked 20 minutes before breakfast.  I love to get up and have some time to myself before getting ready for work and getting my son ready for pre-school.  This was followed by another 20 minute walk during my lunch break at work.  The only time today it rained and I had to alter my usual route so I was under cover of trees most of the time.  Then this evening I got out again for a 40 minute walk.

I’m walking for two reasons.  First of all and mainly because walking is a good way to stay in shape for running.  With this pregnancy I just have not been able to run.  Very uncomfortable and I have not felt very well at all.  Very different from my first pregnancy, which is why even though I did not find out the sex, I am convinced this child is a girl.  The other reason is that the office I work in holds a step challenge every summer.  Last year I blew their goal of 10,000 steps per day out of the water and averaged 24,000.  This year I may struggle to get 10,000.  On some days I doubt I’ll get that.  The competition starts next week and I will keep this blog updated with my daily step count.

So that’s today’s post, see you tomorrow!